How often should I deworm my dog?

Deworming dogs has become a hotly debated topic, especially because many people have their different stands regarding how often the dogs should be dewormed. Some dog owners have different opposing opinions, and others have conflicts of interest regarding the frequency of deworming pets.

But all dog owners agree that parasites can be a cause of distress in the dog’s health and sometimes can cause death. Consequently, all of us agree that deworming dogs is the only way to keep them parasites-Free and healthy. There are no doubts that parasites can be transferred to Humans and can risk a family infestation. What is debated is ‘’How long should I deworm my dog’’. For that reason, I’m here today to set the records straight on how often someone should deworm their dogs.

Factors to consider when deworming your dogs:

  • What are the risks of worms in your area?
  • Are these risks year-round, or they’re seasonal?
  • What species of worms are prevalent in your area?
  • Are there multiple pets in the household?
  • Are there any people at risk of getting parasites from dogs and other pets?
  • How old is the pet?

There are several other factors that should be factored in during deworming. That’s the reason why it’s always important to consult with other pet owners, vet and breeders to be sure you’re doing the right thing.

Common dog worms to worry about


These are spaghetti-like worms that usually reside in the dog’s intestines. The fact remains that roundworms are prolific egg-layers, which means that a few worms can lay large numbers of eggs and cause more trouble. The eggs pass through the dog’s feces, and for that reason, they can infect other dogs and pets.


Tapeworms are another type of worms that are very common in puppies and elderly dogs. They’re flatworms with a couple of segments. Tapeworms will always look for another different host to complete their life cycle. This shows that they may end up on your rabbits, sheep, and other pets in the households.

How often should I deworm my dog?

Deworming your dog will depend on a couple of factors. As a matter of fact, different sizes, breeds, and ages of dogs will require different approaches, as discussed below.

Deworming your dog: does size matter?

The dog’s size doesn’t make a significant difference when considering the frequency of deworming. The regularity of deworming is affected by the environment, age, living areas, and vet recommendations rather than the specific dog’s size. For additional advice, information and assistance, always talk to your vet.

The dog’s size will only inform the size of the dewormer that will be used and not how many times someone should deworm the dog. The size is also a consideration when buying different types of dewormers. Verily, you will always see different instructions on the dewormer packaging addressing the dosage depending on your dog’s weight and size.

How often should I deworm Puppies and Young dogs?

Puppies are vulnerable to worms, and they can easily get these parasites through their mother’s milk. This indicates that young dogs and puppies can get worms even when they’ve never been outside or interacted with other dogs.

All professional breeders know this, and that’s why they usually recommend deworming young dogs and puppies more often. Most of them recommend deworming the puppies before their first vaccination.

Before purchasing the dog, always check with the breeder to ensure that the pet has been properly dewormed. As a matter of fact, puppies and young dogs should be dewormed when they reach their 21-30 days of age. This means they should be dewormed at least once every month until they’re three months old. After that, they can be dewormed once in every two months until they are 6 months old. Now the process of deworming should be at least once in three months or when the need arises.

Worms in young dogs can cause death. As a matter of fact, if a puppy dies, the vet will go straight to considering worms as a possible cause of death. But worms are very unlikely to cause death in adult dogs though they can significantly impact their overall health.

How often should I deworm adult dogs?

The question of how often should I deworm an adult dog is a complex one. This is because the frequency depends on a couple of factors such as the condition, where the dog lives, how often the dog gets out of the house to interact with other dogs, and, most importantly the vets recommendations.

If you live in low-risk areas, deworming may be unnecessary during the winters when the ground is freezing. It’s important to note that dewormers are strong medications that shouldn’t be administered unless there’s a necessity. During the winter, the vet may only recommend deworming when vomiting and diarrhea are a sign of worms.

If you live in high-risk areas where worms thrive, it’s important to deworm your pets once every three months or two months in extreme situations. It’s hard to make a recommendation as to how long an adult dog should be dewormed. As stated earlier, worms are unlikely to cause death in adult dogs. Though, you should deworm then as often as possible to prevent any complications.

To clearly understand the question of how often you should deworm your dog, talk it out with your vet for tests, diagnosis, and recommendations. It’s imperative to decide based on the professional advice from a vet or after diagnosing the dog through stool tests.

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