Due to maintenance works, our site in Cambridge will be closed to all visitors on Saturday 11th May 2024...

The site and phonelines will close on Friday 10th May at 5pm and reopen at 8.30am on Monday 13th May 2024. Thank you for your understanding.

Our locations

Rosehill Pet & Equine

Our locations

Rosehill Pet & Equine

Why choose Rosehill Pet & Equine

Nestled near Market Drayton, and extending its services across Shropshire and surrounding counties, Rosehill Pet and Equine Crematorium stands as a beacon of understanding in the realm of pet loss. At Rosehill, we recognise that this journey is one of the most difficult and stressful times one can face. With heartfelt empathy, our dedicated team is here to provide solace and support as you navigate through this sensitive process.

Cremation services at Rosehill Pet & Equine

Our specially trained staff stand ready to provide comfort and support during your time of grief. .

How CPC Cares

Individual Pet Cremation

Your pet is cremated alone, and you will receive solely their ashes back, ensuring a personalised and dignified farewell.


Say your final farewells to your pet by visiting our site before their cremation, providing a comforting and intimate experience.

Same-day Service

Bring us your pet before 11am and collect your pet’s ashes on the same day – a prompt and efficient service.

Drop-off Service

Bring your pet to us directly, removing the wait for us to collect from your veterinary practice. Collect your pet’s ashes at your convenience.

Communal Cremation

Opt for a communal cremation if you prefer your pet to be cremated with friends. No ashes can be returned in this instance.

Rosehill Pet & Equine location

Contact details


1 Rose Hill Rd, Rosehill, Market Drayton TF9 2JG

Some frequently asked questions about Rosehill Pet & Equine

How are equine cremations conducted?

All equine collections and cremations are tailored to your specific needs. The process takes place on-site at Rosehill in purpose-built cremators designed to accommodate horses of any size, from the smallest to the largest heavy horse. 

We ensure a respectful and dignified collection by using our own bespoke-designed stretcher. We never drag horses using chains or drag mats, guaranteeing a compassionate approach every time. We collect only one horse at a time to focus on individualised care. 

No, we do not conduct communal cremations for equine. Each cremation is strictly individual, ensuring that your horse’s remains are treated with the utmost respect and care. 

Ashes are returned to you in a vessel of your choice. We offer various options, which can be seen in our Shop or discussed with or staff.  

Yes, for owners who prefer not to have all the ashes returned, we offer the option to scatter your horse’s ashes in our woodland. If you choose this option, you may keep a small amount of ash for return in one of our many keepsake products.