Garden of Remembrance

All of our CPC sites have a Garden of Remembrance.

CPC’s Communal Cremation service ensures equal respect is given to all pets that come to us for a cremation.

Your companion will be cremated with other pets. Token ash from the cremation will interred in the Cambridge garden of remembrance.

Individual Cremation

If you would like to receive the ashes of your pet back then you may prefer for your pet to be individually cremated.

Remembering Your Pet

We understand the special bond between a person and their companion. You may find creating a tribute to commemorate the life of your pet will help your though this difficult time.

We also provide a beautiful range of memorial products designed to fit tastefully in your home or garden.

I just wanted to say thank you to Petrest for helping me with the passing of my dog. I felt very comforted by the service and cannot recommend you enough - i am just glad that my my boy is in a better place now. Emily-Rose