Farewell Planning

As well as a time for you and your family to say goodbye, the death of a pet can be a time for reflection, and even celebration of a life you had together.

There are many funeral and pet cremation choices. By talking with your family, you can decide on how your would like your pet to be cared for after he or she has passed away. Taking the time to make these decisions now may seem difficult and something you don’t want to consider. However, we have spoken to many bereaved pet owners that wished they had taken the time to make these difficult decisions when they weren’t bereaved.

You may be in a state of shock and will be upset, both of which will make these decisions much harder and will interrupt your grief. In addition you may find yourself regretting the actions you take as you may not be thinking clearly. Whilst we try in all instances to ensure you receive the best service only you know what you would like to take place. Which is why we have provided this free and simple farewell planning tool. It take just a couple of minutes to complete. We recommend that you print two copies; one for you t keep and the second to be kept with your pet’s records at your veterinary practice.

What is a Farewell Planner?

CPC’s Farewell Planner is a way of writing down your wishes, like a will for your pet. You can select the options available and create a document to keep or take to your veterinary practice to put on file and refer to.

No obligation

The document is not binding, and it is completely free of charge to complete. If you have any questions at all you can call one of our Cremation Advisors on 01763 207700.