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Pet Cremation Services

Dignified Pet Cremation Services
you can trust

Pet Cremation Services

Dignified Pet Cremation Services you can trust

Over 40 years
of providing dignified pet cremations

Our near half-century experience signifies our heartfelt commitment to supporting pet owners during this difficult time by honouring their beloved companions with care and respect.


We understand how challenging it is to lose a pet, and finding the perfect farewell for them is essential. Our individual cremation option ensures a very dignified send-off, wherein each pet is cremated separately to guarantee you only receive their ashes. Additionally, we offer a range of premium caskets and urns for the storage of your pet’s ashes.

Communal Cremations

Our communal cremation option offers a collective farewell for your pet.


This bespoke service is coming soon.

Why choose CPC Cares?

At CPC Cares, we deeply understand the special bond shared with owners and their pets and losing them can be as hard as losing a close friend. Since 1979, we have been guiding owners through farewells and can ensure services that we would choose for our own pets – including individual or communal cremations, a diverse range of memorials, and online tributes. Our aim back then, as it is now, is to provide tender support for pet owners during this emotional journey.

Remember your loved one with our online tributes

FREE farewell guide

One of the unique offerings we provide is a complimentary Farewell Guide. This allows you to outline your wishes for your pet upon their passing, including choosing the type of pet cremation and your preferred casket or urn. The planner can then be left with your veterinary practice for future reference.

Make a lasting memory