Communal Pet Cremations

Cremations that
honour your pet

Communal Pet Cremations

Cremations that honour your pet

Helping you every step of the way

Guiding you through every stage, our dedicated team ensures support tailored to your needs. We’re here to lighten the burden and assist you through this journey.

Why choose a communal cremation for your pet?

Choosing communal cremation will provide your pet with a shared remembrance among companions so that they can be honoured in a collective farewell. Your pet will be cremated alongside others, and a symbolic amount of each communal cremation’s ashes finds a resting place at our Gardens of Remembrance in Cambridge.

Communal Cremations with CPC Cares

For pet owners experiencing the loss of their companion, we can offer you the choice: either allow us to collect your beloved pet or bring them to our crematoria yourself. Here at CPC, we’ve been providing dignified pet cremation services to pet owners for over 40 years, and equal respect is given to all pets that come to use for a cremation. And if you need any support, our specially trained staff are here to help during this difficult time.   


*Other fees may be applicable

How CPC Cares

We ensure your pet is cremated with dignity & respect

Safe in the knowledge that your pet is with other companion animals

Discuss how you would like to say goodbye to your pet

We welcome all owners to speak with our specially trained staff

Some ash from each communal cremation goes to our Gardens of Remembrance

We support owners every step of the way of the cremation

CPC Gardens of Remembrance

Discover our serene Gardens of Remembrance at three of our sites – Cambridge, Tewkesbury, and Livingston – offering tranquil spaces for reflection. While plots for interment are exclusively available at our Cambridge location, all sites provide a calming environment to honour cherished memories. For further details regarding our Gardens of Remembrance or plot interment, our Cremation Advisors are here to assist you.

Some frequently asked questions about Communal Cremations

What does a communal cremation actually mean?

CPC’s Communal Cremation service ensures equal respect is given to all pets that come to us for a cremation. We will collect your pet from your veterinary practice, or you may choose to bring your pet to us directly. Your companion will be cremated with other pets. A token amount of ash from each communal cremation performed, will be interred into our Gardens of Remembrance at Cambridge.

Yes, there are occasions where individuals express the desire to have two or more pets cremated together. The feasibility of this depends on the size of each pet. If it’s possible, we will coordinate the final arrangements accordingly.

No, however, a small amount of ash is respectfully placed in our communal columbarium.

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