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Pet Cremation Services

Dignified Pet Cremation Services
you can trust

Pet Cremation Services

Dignified Pet Cremation Services you can trust

Helping you every step of the way

Guiding you through every stage, our dedicated team ensures support tailored to your needs. We’re here to lighten the burden and assist you through this journey.

Why choose an individual cremation for your pet?

During this challenging time, opting for individual pet cremation ensures a personalised farewell. Our purpose-built cremators guarantee that you’ll receive only your pet’s ashes. You will get to decide exactly how to bid goodbye, including attending the cremation from our farewell suite if you decide to. Finally, we offer a wide selection of caskets, urns, and scattering tubes for the safe return of your pet.

Individual Cremations with CPC Cares

For pet owners experiencing the loss of their companion, we can offer you the choice: either allow us to collect your beloved pet or bring them to our crematoria yourself. Being present to bid your final farewells at our sites can offer a sense of closure. Our specially trained staff stand ready to provide comfort and support during your time of grief. Once the process is complete, your pet’s ashes will be delicately packaged and securely returned to your home or vet practice, allowing you to honour their memory with a casket or urn of your choosing.

Prices starting from £150

How CPC Cares

We ensure your pet is cremated with dignity & respect

Safe in the knowledge that you will receive the ashes of your pet

Discuss with you how you would like to say goodbye to your pet

We welcome all owners to attend the cremation of their pet

A wide choice of caskets and urns for the safe return of your pet

We support owners every step of the way of the cremation

CPC Gardens of Remembrance

Discover our serene Gardens of Remembrance at three of our sites – Cambridge, Tewkesbury, and Livingston – offering tranquil spaces for reflection. While plots for interment are exclusively available at our Cambridge location, all sites provide a calming environment to honour cherished memories. For further details regarding our Gardens of Remembrance or plot interment, our Cremation Advisors are here to assist you.

Some frequently asked questions about Individual Cremations

How long does it take to cremate a pet on their own?

This will vary depending on the size of the pet. Usually, the process takes anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. However, we prioritise the significance of this moment and never rush the process, ensuing the utmost care and respect for your pet.

The cost of pet cremation is approximately one-tenth of human cremation fees. Pricing varies based on whether your pet is handled by your vet or taken directly to one of our crematoria. For detailed pricing and options visit our pricing page. Rest assured; we are transparent with pricing when making arrangements.

At CPC, we have a rigorous system and identification process to make sure you receive only your pet’s ashes, providing you with complete peace of mind.

Container TypeCremation CostDelivery
Presentation Box [Small Dog]£196.00*£15.00
Presentation Box [Medium Dog]£229.00*£15.00
Presentation Box [Large Dog]£261.00*£21.00
Presentation Box [XL Dog]£327.00*£21.00

If the ashes need to be returned by a courier the costs are £15.00 for small and medium dogs and £21.00 for large and extra large dogs.

*Prices from – other charges may apply.

Container TypeCremation CostDelivery
Presentation Box£170.00*£15.00
Emerald/Woodland Scatter Tube£183.00*£15.00
Scatter Pouch£188.00*£15.00
Keepsake Box£210.00*£15.00
Sleeping Cat£230.00*£15.00

*Prices from – other charges may apply.

Should you choose to bring your cat directly to one of our crematoria, there will be an additional fee of £40.00.

The cremation costs below are for rabbits or small animals that are brought to us and include the most popular ash containers.

Container Type Cremation Cost Delivery
Presentation Box £150.00* £15.00
Scatter Tube £163.00* £15.00
Beech Casket £190.00* £15.00
Rosebud Urn £207.00* £15.00

*Prices from – other charges may apply.

An individual cremation is when your pet is cremated separately from other pets in their own chamber. This enables us to guarantee the ashes we return are those of your pet and only your pet. A sympathy card will accompany your pet’s ashes confirming details of the individual cremation.

We welcome all pet owners to attend the cremation of their pet.

Please contact us to confirm availability and which of the following sites you wish to attend:

We have dedicated rooms where you can see your pet. You will have time to say your final goodbyes and if you need, specially trained staff to comfort you in your grief.

Remember your loved one with our online tributes