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Pet Ashes, Collar & Tag Keepsake Frame


This stunning keepsake frame enables you to display both your pets picture, collar and name tag, as well as providing dignified and discrete storage for their ashes.

Product Details

The tag that bears the name of our passed pets is a precious and personal item which is beautifully displayed in this frame urn which also holds the ashes in a discrete and dignified way.

Beautifully crafted, these pet ashes frames are made from Italian veneer solid wood mouldings from managed resources.

From the front, they appear to be a conventional handmade frame. Turn the frame over to the back and you will find a clever and discrete compartment to place the ashes of a beloved pet. The entire compartment is housed within the frame, so it is completely unseen from the front or side. The frames can be stood on any table or shelf or alternatively hung on a wall using the integrated key-hole hangers.

Available in 5 colours (Black, natural oak, grey oak, light grey oak and dark oak), this frame can either stand or be hung.

This product is only available online.



Ashes compartment: Up to 15kg (35lbs) of weight before cremation.
Ashes CC:575
Holds a collar which can be up to 4cm (1.5″) wide and 60cm (24″) long

Ashes compartment:Up to 22kg (48lbs) of weight before cremation.
Ashes CC: 850
Holds a collar which can be up to 4cm (1.5″) wide and 69cm (27″) long

Ashes compartment: Up to 14kg (31lbs) of weight before cremation.
Ashes CC: 500
Holds a collar which can be up to 4cm (1.5″) wide and 79cm (31″) long

Delivery time: 7-10 working days

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