Celebrating National Hug Your Dog Day with CPC Cares

April 10th every year marks an unofficial, yet heartwarming occasion known as National Hug Your Dog Day. While not recognised as an official holiday, this day serves as a gentle reminder for dog owners to shower their furry companions with extra love and affection.

Attending your pet’s cremation at CPC

When the time comes, saying your final farewells to your pet can provide a great sense of closure. That’s why we invite all owners and family members to have a final farewell in a calming and peaceful environment at select CPC sites. Closure in a calming atmosphere At CPC, we understand the importance of closure…

Memories shouldn’t cost the earth

At CPC, we want all pet owners to have access to a lasting memory of their pet, especially during these tough financial times. So, in recognition, we have reduced our pricing and our Treasured Paws kits are now available from as little as £15 each, as memories shouldn’t cost the earth.

Warning signs and remedies for cat stress and anxiety

Cats are some cool characters. Not only are they adorable and give unconditional love to us, they mosey around the house nonchalant without a care in the world; well that is until they don’t. Do you have a cat that is nervous and skittish at times? Is your cat always anxious? If your cat suffers from anxiety you want to find ways to help alleviate this problem and bring your cat back to a state of relaxation, but what can you do about it? Well first you’ll need to get to the root of the issue and from there find solutions to help relieve your cat from anxiety and stress.

So, let’s first address the signs your cat may display when stressed or suffering from anxiety.