♡ Our baby girl ♡ ☆Angel☆

11/06/2008 - 03/04/2023

☆♡Keeping Our Promise ☆♡
Summer We have kept our promise of what we would do, to continue our life with out you!
We get up each morning & we get through the day, Struggling as tears just get wiped away!
We go on with life with a forced happy face…Our hearts ache badly for what we cant replace.
We dont know what to do to deaden this pain,Its so hard here with out you ..where we must remain!
But we will keep our promise & we must believe … That you’ll be there waiting , when its our time to leave!
♡♡You fell asleep with both of us in your heart, In hope that we will meet once again.And we will never be apart!♡♡
♡☆We have your paw prints inside our hearts ☆♡
♡☆Love you Summer☆♡
Forever & Eternity
M.g S.b D.w M.g T.g T.w L.w I.k S.k