17/10/0017 - 22/12/0022

Sophie my beautiful girl. I love you so much my fluffy bum. Your up in the sky with your sister Sarah who I know you will be happy to see and let her know all the gossip about what you have been upto with Daddy. Going to miss walking singing your good morning song and feeding all your favourite veggies. Will miss singing
‘you are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make daddy happy, everyday. Daddy loves you ,piggie poo oo , daddy loves the Sophie bum’
Will never forget how much you and your sister suprised, amazed and amused every single day.
You will be missed by so many people always in their memories but I was lucky enough to be your daddy. Always will love that beautiful wee face and big fluffy bum giving you a good bumrub letting me know where to scratch.
Love you Sophie