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Elmo 💙

18th November 2014 to 2nd April 2024

My Baby Boy, there are no words to describe the miracle that was you.You were the sun that warms my bones after the coldest winter.You were the first light of dawn.A cacophony of colours at full brightness.The sound of a thousand symphonies.
Over a 9 years ago I brought you home, so tiny, so adorable and sweet, and from that day you became the love of my life, my best friend, my guardian, my angel.
The time we had together was still not long enough but a thousand years with you would never have been long enough.I will carry the memories we shared with me always and will forever grieve the memories we didn’t get to make.
Find a peace now my little angel, be happy forever behind the rainbow 🌈 bridge, I love you to the moon and back from all my heart.
In losing you I have lost part of me, for whom am I and what will I do without you but I will live my life and treasure our memories as I know the day will come when I will see you again and take you for a forever walk in the sky.