Forever and Always

31/10/2015 - 09/01/2023

My darling Blueberry, aka Doodles. My heart is broken, another piece of our families jigsaw removed. I am so sorry that I couldn’t fix you, we tried everything and nothing could help. Your little body just needed to be rested. You were the best little cat any fur mummy could wish for. The house is empty and the floor clean instead of little bits of cat litter stuck in the carpet off your paws. No meow when I go to the fridge or make food. No wet nose on my face to wake me and that heavy purr. You’ve left your mark my little sweetie. No cat could or will replace you. Your portrait will remain on mummy till the day I’m reunited with you and your big sister. Play nicely over the bridge or your in big trouble when I see you. Forever and always my little puddy tat. 7 years wasn’t enough xxx