Forever Our Bruce

13/10/2010 - 09/08/2023

Brucey-Boy you are forever missed. You really were and will always be the 6th member of our family.

From the 9 Month old puppy when we met you, to the 12 year old puppy when we said goodbye, you were loved with everything we had.

You were boisterous, naughty and very mischievous, but also so loving, and affectionate. You never failed to make us laugh and you had such a personality that we all love so much.

You were always there, no matter what, even if it took a few calls of your name as you called the shots. . You truly were the best dog there was and will ever be.

Thank you Bruce for growing up with me, seeing me through so many of my milestones and being there when I’ve always needed you most.

Thank you for all the cuddles, all the love and for letting me in your bed for a while.

You are so dearly missed and so so loved.

Forever Our Bruce.