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2nd May 2013 to 11th March 2024

Gorgeous little Lola Bear, words cannot depict the joy, love, cheekiness and sas you oozed. Snuggles under the duvet, walks with Lottie, sitting on our knee whilst trying to eat a meal, under dads desk throughout the day, licky Lola, yappy Lola, barking to join us on the bed at night, caravan holidays, Lottie cleans and cuddles, chasing Margot and Elma, jumping for joy when you hear mummy’s car, co pilot adventures, trips to the beach, sun bathing, warming your bum next to the fire, watching TV with M and G, catching your favourite treats, my little Radley bag…. but most of all the unconditional love you showed me your human mummy. I love You so so so much my little Lola Bear and I miss you with all my heart as do Lottie, Daddy, Molly and Georgia. Sleep tight our gorgeous fluffy licky little Lola Bear. xxxxxxxxxx