My baby boy 💙

23/03/2022 - 04/06/2022

Oh baby boy, one whole month without you, yet I still feel so lost. I miss everything about you, I would do anything to have you back with me. Seeing how much you’d have grown & showing more of your big personality for such a tiny baby. You brought so much joy & happiness into my life for the short time you were in it. I just hope you knew & still know just how loved you are. You had me wrapped around your little paw & you knew it. I’d give anything to have that back. Batfink misses you she’s not been the same since you left us. I hope your up there being spoilt & loved on like you were here. I know I have so many loved ones looking after you but one day my baby boy I’ll be back with you & you can sit on my shoulder & bury yourself into my neck again as that was one of your favourite places to sleep. R.I.P Bain my sweet sweet baby boy 💙 I love & miss you so much x