My Girl

28/06/2006 - 14/04/2023

Honey . For nearly 17 years you filled my heart with joy and love .you was my constant companion not a day really went by without seeing you . You was my constant travel companion and went all over the country with me absolutely everywhere. You loved the beach. I’m so grateful I took you to luskentyre beach in the outer Hebrides on our tour last year I’ll hold that memory as well as 17 years of memories we shared . You was at my side no matter where I was in bed watching telly next to me even in the bathroom the garden the kitchen .You followed me everywhere I was never out your site those warm welcomes when I came home your little wet nose nudges on the calf of my leg to get my attention I’m hear mummy .Your home you lived and shared with me for so many years is so empty now it will never be the same.A part of me died with you. On the day you passed you licked my tears as you always done to tell me mummy it’s ok , but this time you was telling me it’s ok mummy I’m ready to go now .You took my tears with you, you took part of me inside you.You to took me with you . Honey You was My confidant, my companion , my friend , my travel buddy ,you was always there to comfort me and eased life’s pains as they happened and god did you help me through many . I will miss you my sweet girl my heart aches for you it broken shattered I’ve not stopped crying . we had nearly 17 years together but now I know this will be for eternity as I know no matter where I go In Life now you will always come with always and when I go you will be placed with me put close to my heart where you always was and always will .sleep peacefully now my dearest little girl run free xx