My little Pig

07/12/2013 - 19/07/2022

Although we only had you for the last 2 years of your life, I hope it was the best 2 years of your life. It was certainly the best 2 years of mine, and I feel like I had known you forever.

You got me through a really tough time and made me laugh everyday.
I wish you didn’t have to go and we were still having fun together.
I will miss you for the rest of my days and I hope one day we will be together again.
Everyone who met you fell in love with you because you were just amazing.
I hope you know how loved you were, and that letting you go was the hardest decision I have ever had to make. I hope you know it was what we felt was best as we didnt want you to be suffering any more.
My forever bestest friend, my little pig.