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Nanook newsome

16/08/2020 05/06/2024

To my gorgeous baby boy boo boo mummy missing you so bad I can’t stop crying for you I just want you in my arms where you belong I bring you into this world and I was first person you sure and the last person you’d seen cuddling each other tight well kissing you and telling you how brave you was been I know you was scared it broke me seeing you gasper for your last breath I panicked I knew I’d made the worse mistake of my life but something was telling me you was in pain I stayed awake all night and day nursing you because she was struggling to eat and drink I was feeding your water for a strange and even though you didn’t have no strength you still managed to eat a little I was super proud of you and even trying to go to the toilet, even though you were so weak when I saw the blood coming from your backside, I knew there was something seriously wrong the doctor wasn’t well blood test but they wouldn’t and turns out that you had gastrointestinal if I had all the money in the world I would pay for them to save you but I didn’t baby boy I knew I couldn’t be selfish and let you stuffer anymore wasn’t fair on you I had to my my boo go to heaven where my mum and both brothers and dad was waiting for you to take you to heaven I’m just finding it extremely difficult without you I am Re Reed you from your mum all your brothers and sisters and kept you all it’s your birthday next month your going to be 4 doesn’t seem like yesterday I bring you into this horrible will world we live in I prayed and prayed for the lord to let me keep you but nothing I don’t no how much mummy can be tested after mum died and both brothers and now my dad and now you I can’t take no more loss all we do is good in life and we get this we didn’t deserve any of this when I seen in in shower last night how I remembered you in garden playing I started crying because I just want you back in my arms I know your letting me know your happy and not in pain you was a good boy and didn’t deserve any of this baby boy all you did is play and sleep and eat and loved us unconditionally even when you was in pain you didn’t show it and when vet made me get you up and you was so weak but you did even took it out of you I knew you wasn’t well like Mothers instincts I knew when you started been sick and not wanting food or water or couldn’t get up to go to toilet I knew they was something bad wrong but nanook they wouldn’t listen to me baby I’m so mad at the world for taking you you was my son and your brothers and sister and your dad and mummy is missing you it isn’t the same where all so lost without you you’re absolute precious. Part of me went with you that day. I just wish I could wake up from this nightmare I love you unconditionally true love pure loyalty my nanook boo boo my chuncky monkey 😇❤️🙏🥰 love mama bear 🐻 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx