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Only Yesterday

31/12/2006 - 06/09/2023

It feels like it was only yesterday when we last strolled along one of our favourite walks. You may have been 17 years old, but it was easy to believe you were much younger. None of us would ever have guessed that on that fateful day, it was actually going to be your last walk.
You stood by me through years of thick and thin; the tears, laughter, and the pain….. You were always by my side, right up until the end, when your life tragically came to an end without warning.
Wherever you are, Jack, I pray that you have found the same peace and joy that you gave to me.
My first Christmas without you is approaching and I didn’t expect to be feeling this much sorrow. Your annual job was to inspect all the Christmas ornaments prior to hanging them on the tree and, this year, I just cannot find the usual joy of following that same tradition. Instead, I’ll drape the lights around my window as a tribute to the happy years we leave behind and, as they sparkle, I pray that I feel you near to me.
Take care, my darling baby boy and know that you are always in my heart