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Our Beloved Fur Baby

07/12/2011 - 21/11/2023

Where do dogs go when they die?
The harness or lead hanging limply by
Their possessions left where they lay
Before you left us that fateful day.

Where do dogs go when they die?
Their bed now empty and food bowls dry
The house lays silent, sullen and clear
Because your presence is no longer here.

Where do dogs go when they die?
Barking at the door when next doors cat struts on by
Or getting excited when you take them out in the car
To the seaside, park or a journey afar.

For dogs are nothing but innocence and unconditional love
They don’t ask of anything but give you so much
Of a trusting heart and unwavering loyalty
A wagging tail to say you mean so much to me
They lighten your load and strengthen your heart
But break it so easily when down or apart.

So where do dogs go when they die?
The answer is clear with the wipe of an eye
They will always live within your heart and memories
And enrich your life through their companionship and quirky personalities.
For if you loved them with all of your being and heart
They will always be with you and never therefore truly depart.

Sleep well bubba bear. See you at the rainbow bridge.