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Our Darling Asti Pasti

30/11/0013 - 11/12/0001

It’s not even a day,since you slipped away peacefully on our laps.
The short 6 years we had with you, have enriched our lives.Those last months,you kept going, every second counted.
You were a beautiful gift,when I needed love.
You grew into a real mummy’s boy, and daddy’s boy,and a fur brother to Neo nee .Miss you
so much,it hurts,but you are free from pain.
Thank you Asti, for the love,you gave us, from such a nervous cat, to my shadow sitting on my shoulders. You will sit on my shouder,forever.Not long and will be home soon.
We love you Asti Pasti,Mummy, Daddy and Neo,and your furry brother Yau, will always be with us,
Come home,please visit me,in my dreams and spirit.