Our Ginger Wotsit

10/06/2013 - 05/09/2022

My baby my sweetness, my Ginger wotsit!
My world, I will never ever stop thinking about you, you fought hard over past 2 years, and I was so proud of you. But I couldn’t see you suffer anymore, it broke my heart seeing you in pain, unable to
Breathe. You fought till the end, I know you did it out of the unconditional love you had for us all.

I will always remember your story’s, and barking at random objects, the songs, kisses, protecting us and princess from
Shadows, growling for tea, and treats, those eyes and ears always looked at me with such love, Run free my baby girl, run over the as you cross over the Rainbow,

Princess and smudge will miss you chasing them and playing choo-choo trains, and you nicking their food and they treats, cheeky so and so. go eat all the food and treats you like, no restricted diet anymore.

You were my first dog xxx I never felt such love like I did from you. When I walked through the door the excitement wagging of the tail to snogs and jumping and whining, I wish I could have you forever, you always there in my time of need and darkness, you leave behind princess and smudge, please keep them safe and well.

Hope your with Aunty Valerie and Topaz now I know they were waiting for you,
I will see once I join you over the rainbow bridge

Run free baby girl Puddles Duck RIP.
16.53 she passed away peacefully.
10/06/2013 to 5/09/2022
You made it to 9years 3months. I wish we had longer, but you fought to the end.

Lots of Love Mummy A and Mummy J Princess and smudge – forever and ever, we see you soon xxx