Our little fur baby my best friend

20/09/0000 - 20/03/0000

We rescued peanut from abusive family that was so horrible to peanut ,his daddy,his sister and brother
Peanut had 2 years with us In those 2 years he was very loved and Spoilt he was so loving towards us would always give us little licks. He was getting on in age he was around 4 years old and on thec23rd of December he was starting to show his age then comeing up to new year he got slower wouldn’t eat drink do his normal stuff we ended up doing critical care food for him and syringe him his water it helped his live a extra few days on the 4th of January he passed away in his human mummys arms (my mum) at 3.17am in the morning I told my mum to get some rest as she had been up all night with him so he wasn’t alone we put him in his carrier and I stayed up with him all night from 3.20am up untill around 6am so he knew he wasn’t alone and at 6.30 ish I remember it started pouring of rain then strimg winds then finally it went all quite then all of a sudden my arm went frozen and I just suddenly sat up and felt like he had been taken by the angels and that all his fur family came down and got him it felt so strange but at the same time it was lovely knowing he’s going to heaven to be with everyone.. he will be comeing home sometime this week I can’t wait to get him back for ever it’s so heartbreaking and I’m so hurt
2019 -2023
I love you .. you was my best friend and always will be
Miss you so much xxxxx