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Our little Marley moo

25/08/2009 - 25/08/2022

When tomorrow starts
without you
We won’t think
we’re far apart
For every time
We think of you
Your right here
inside our hearts
15 years ago I went to pick up a kitten to re home and there you was hiding in the corner next to your brother Jack (who is lost without you but getting fatter now he has chance to eat his own food) , I’m so happy i left that house with 2 kittens all them years ago ~ Marley you have been my bestest bestest most beautiful fur baby ever & everyday is hard without you here , I wake up every morning remembering the gentle taps on my cheeks, the my little pony gallop across the stairs to the bathroom where you would tap me for the tap on , the running down the stairs when I’d walk in from work , your drops and rolls upside down for attention & the Tent game in a morning when I’d be making the bed.
when we cuddle and nap, & the long noisy purr and nose rubs. Thank you Marley for always being here for us and all the love & affection and laughter you have given us . I Love you my little Marley Moo.
Thank you Abbeymore Vets on Halifax road Sheffield and CPC for looking after our beautiful Marley Jones