Our puppy love

14/09/2015 - 03/04/2023

Milo our puppy love, you’ve had a good life my little man my little fighter. You’ve been a blessing to us. All the quirky things you used to do like attacking the hoover or the mop or even mooching in the shopping bags from when mom would come back in with bags of shopping. My boy you was unique with your little ways and we dearly loved it. You was a beautiful little dog with the golden fur and your cute little face, you was a sexy little man wasn’t you. You was spoilt with the lot of us and you was treated with love and affection, you was loved dearly by all of us. It is hard to know that we had to let you go puppy love but we couldn’t see you in no more pain it was heartbreaking. We will miss you more than anything puppy love you was a lovely little soul and being part of our family made it complete. You’re not in no more pain puppy love you’re free now but we will be heartbroken that you won’t be at home barking or running around now more a piece of our hearts has gone with you my little man, we loved you so much. Rest easy puppy love you had such a wonderful life with us.