Rest in peace Bomber

05/12/2008 - 01/05/2023

Of course, I’d be happy to write you a longer poem that captures the bittersweet emotions of losing a beloved pet. Here it is:

You came into my life one day,
A ball of fur, with eyes so bright.
You wagged your tail and licked my face,
And filled my heart with pure delight.

We went on walks and played in the park,
You chased the ball and I watched you run.
You were my faithful, loyal friend,
And I loved you more than words can say.

But then one day, you fell so ill,
And we knew that you couldn’t stay.
We held you close and said goodbye,
As you slipped away from us that day.

The house is quiet, your bed is empty,
And I miss you more than words can say.
But I know that you’re in a better place,
Running free and happy once again.

So here’s to you, my furry friend,
I’ll cherish the memories we’ve shared.
And though you’re no longer by my side,
I’ll always carry you in my heart.

I hope this poem brings you some comfort and peace during this difficult time.