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RIP Clyde 💙🌈

30/03/2014 - 06/02/2022

Clyde was an amazing cat with such a personality. He was well known with everyone where we have lived, most recently being Wyton where he was known as the ‘school cat’. The kids loved him, he loved the attention and would often wander into nursery or reception. He would follow me to and from the school and he would often wait on the corner until he heard me coming where he’d meow and come trotting along. He was such a big cat, panther like with a big build, he was also part siamese and had these gorgeous blue/light green eyes. Thank you for his individual cremation, his lovely casket and a card with his pawprints and fur. He is now back home with me where he belongs and I hope he is enjoying Rainbow Bridge 🌈💙