We miss you so much 💔

09/01/2010 - 19/03/2022

🐾🌹After a brutal attack on 4/1/09 left me broken both physically, emotionally and mentally, I struggled with life, and a year later I was still waking every night screaming from the nightmares and hardly able to leave my house I was so scared. I hit my breaking point and felt I could no longer live this way… Then you came into my life on 20/3/10 – you were 10 weeks old and so tiny you could fit in my hand…there you were, licking the tears from my face, wagging your little tail like crazy… and I loved you instantly – that day a tiny little chihuahua puppy called Rozie Pozie saved my life – For 12 years you watched over me and my children, always finding ways to make us happy when we were down. When I needed a hand, I found your paw. You were funny, clever, silly, very cheeky! My little diva princess… and when we looked into those big brown eyes of yours we could see and feel that you loved us just as much as we loved you. Even though you were quite sick near the end, you were getting treatment. So it was a total shock when you suddenly started to struggle with your breathing on 19/3/22. After rushing you to the PDSA your little heart stopped and you passed away. I held you for hours after that cause I knew once I put you down I would never see you again and I just couldn’t face life without you… You were always my favourite and happiest hello but you were my hardest goodbye… without you I am broken again 💔 I will see you again one day baby girl… so meet me at the rainbow bridge… I love you RoRo xxx 🌹🐾