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Lily was aged approx 18 mths and had been a stray on the streets of Cardiff and due was for euthanasia by the local Council before Pound Puppies stepped in and saved her.

She was a corgi/collie cross breed and came to us from PP. From the first day she filled our hearts with love. We named her Lily and my son called her Lily-Kisses bcause she was always giving kisses to him and everyone else. She had such a big heart!

Sadly, after suffering from a bleeding nose, it was discovered that she had a tumour behind her left eye and with no treatment available we were forced to make the hardest decision of all for her.

She was aged 13 1/2 and had given us 12 years of total love, devotion and faithful companionship.

Her passing was for my son, like losing part of his childhood as he had grown from boy to man along with Lily. She was always there with him.

CPC cremated her and were wonderful in the way they dealt with everything for us.

My son now has her ashes back at home and it is a comfort to him.

We all miss her so very much. Her character was so unique. She was almost human at times.

Thank you for coming into our lives Lily. We love you. Sleep well babe xxxx





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