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Ralph was a one of a kind, slightly crazy, ever so funny and provider of the best cuddles you could ask for.

We got him at just a 8 weeks old, he was so small but his size didnt stop him challenging anything. No Person or Animal intimidated him! The amount of scratches on my arm during those first few weeks was quite ridiculous!

Once we moved house Ralph really came into his own. he had his little bed in the window and he would spend the day talking to the birds, once his conversation was over he would come and give me a tap with his paw and I knew it was time for tea! lamb was always his favourite and once he had finished it was playtime with the pig and little mouse! When my Fiancee was away Ralph knew that I was by myself so he would discreetly climb on to the bed and sleep at my feet-until the birds sung in the morning when he  would resume his conversations from the day before!!

He was so special to us all and he loved our little Daughter, ironically the day he passed away he sat with her and let him pet her for the first time.

We called him the little mans and when he stood up all tall he was the little prince. I think he knew we held him in that high regard!

Ill always miss our little mans as he gave us so many laughs with his eccentricities, he’ll never be forgotten.

Love you Ralphs


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