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My Beautiful little angel who was taken from us,

You were such a special girl, and I always called you my little cherub. I made up songs for you to hear my calls for when I needed you by my side for comfort and to play to always make you happy or to give u cuddles or when it was time for din dins. You purred everyday by my side so I know you had a happy life. It really hurts my heart that your not here anymore I miss stroking your fluffy tail and fluffy belly. You were born on 26th April 2010 and suddenly taken 20th March 2011.

When you were just a kitten you were the fourth kitten to be born out of five, and you came out so small, so cute, so Tiny. This is how we found your name. You couldn’t quite grasp drinking your Mummy Bubbles Milk, so we bottle fed you until you were ready to do it all by your self. you were this tiny little kitten who walked around the house looking for us you would climb up one of our legs to get some milk…you then grew to be bigger than your mummy within 6 months. I’m going to miss my wake up calls in the morning from you and try to eat my hair or nock into me for big face rubs. I’m going to miss your fluffy tail and your white socks u cleaned everyday to stay white You brang a lot of joy to all of us. Your life was taken so unexpectedly and you didn’t deserve what happened to you, you will always remain in my thoughts and especially my heart because that’s how much you touched my life. I really hope your having fun in your new garden tiny tines and i hope u have someone to hold on to for now until we meet again. I will still talk to you everyday and in my prayers to you.

Bubbles, Auntie Boo Boo, Fred, and Mia really miss you and I’m not sure they no where you are but I tell them everyday your resting in heaven and that I know you love and miss them. And I know they love and miss you so much.

I’m deeply sorry for all my tears, i find it so hard to except what happened to you because you were the best kitty I could have ever asked for but I feel so lucky to say I was the one who had you and how you were able to be a part of my life. I am truly grateful, but I still miss you Tiny.

I hope one day I can learn to feel happy again and to still remember you everyday and all our memories we had together. you were taken too soon my little cherub but your my little angel in heaven now, and we will be together some day and I will visit you in your garden soon

Night Night My Tiny Tines

Rest In Peace our little angel

I will love you forever and eternity

Kimberley x x x

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