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To our Marley, moo moos, bertrum, bert, belarus, tina! You answered to all those names in the time we had you. You were more than a dog you were one of the family. So cruelly taken from us aged 5. We will always love and remember you and we know you loved us too. You were such a character. You thought you were still little even when you were over 40kg’s and managed to squeeze yourself next to us on the sofa! You loved trying to catch flies and bees and bark at birds. You could have played for England you were that good at football even though you punctured the balls! As soon as the fridge opened you were there – anything for me? You always liked lying in doorways so we had to constantly step over you. You also like treading on peoples feet, anyone’s feet you didn’t mind who! Dad misses taking you to the park and all your friends there say it isn’t the same without you. The house is empty without you. You meant so much to all of us and will always be in our hearts. Sweet dreams baby boy. Lots of love and hugs and kisses Mum, Dad, Kayleigh and Colm. XXXXX R.I.P Marley.

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