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you were a happy and loving little dog always there through thick and thin , you just loved chasing your ball and bringing it back to us , jumping in the lake to retrieve it too, you knew when we were sad and always tried to entertain us to cheer us up my beautifull little harry , the diabetes and the Blindness just took most of your spirit and cheeckyness away, and you couldnt live your innocent and lovely life how you wanted to, you couldnt see your mummys or your ball or even the path infront of you , you couldnt even see the grass ,the trees just a darkness that had fallen upon you , tho you did try to cope with it , it was just heartbreaking to see you bumping into evrything, and hurting your self , it was such a hard decision to , to take you away from us, and free you of your darkness, you will always be in our hearts our heads and our lives , we will never forget you , when you come back to us we will take you and release you into the open where you can chase your ball and run free and be without ailment or pain , good night our little man our little baby the centre of our lives. with love from the bottom of our hearts good night god bless our beautifull Harry xxxx until we meet again xxxxxxx love from mummy and mummy x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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