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Lulu Costa


To my baby boy,
You was here with me since I was a young girl,We grew up side by side, my only wish was that me and you would grow old together,
But a wish is only a dream, and like a dream it can’t come true…
I’m never going to forget you because u was and still are my best friend,
You was always there when I was sad, you was the only one I could talk to,
Even thought you couldn’t speak back just looking in your sparkly eyes would make me feel better,
I remember so many holidays spent with you.I swear it feels like yesterday you was rolling in the covers in my bed,
It was good times.But now your gone I don’t know where I stand…
You was my motivation, my best friend and like a brother I never had
I love you so much and still can’t get through my head that your
actually gone.I don’t want to believe even thought I was wit you through it all…..
What ever happens your forever in my heart, ill never forget you that’s I promise I’m never breaking or forgetting…when my time comes I swear to you we will be reunited….
For now a small goodbye.. I love you so much Lulu xxxxx CC xxx

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