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We waited so long to get a kitten because daddy said he didn’t like cats, but he finally gave in and from the moment you came home we all fell in love with you, especially daddy! They found the heart murmur when I took you to get your vaccinations, you were only 9 weeks old. I was devastated but so many people said they knew animals with murmurs that had lived for years and years so I kept positive. Then when you were 6 months you took a turn, you got rushed to the vet and they had to drain your lungs. They said you only had weeks to months left but when you came home you were like a new kitten, I thought you would go on forever. Three weeks later you took another turn and again you had your lungs drained. I thought you would be like you were when we brought you home last time but this time you weren’t yourself. I kept telling myself that you would perk up but really I knew it was time to let you go. It was the worse decision I have ever had to make. My heart is broken. Oscar, my little baby, I miss you so much, you were only seven months old and we didn’t have enough time with you. It’s not fair. I love you so much and can’t believe you are gone. I hope you are at peace my little Oscar Ocelot. You touched all of our hearts and we are lucky to have had you. Rest in peace baby boy. Love mummy, daddy and the girls xxx

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