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Nibbles/ Hammy


I remember picking Nibbles from so many hamsters in April 2010. He was very cute and cheeky. When we got him home he managed to chew through 2 boxes so we named him Nibbles.
He had a brilliant life but very short, he had a clean cage every week, well fed and most of all very much loved not just by us but from his girlfriend Honey (10 mths old).
On October 31st 2011 I checked on him as I never saw him move or saw him go for food/drink. I opened his house moved his bedding and noticed he had died in his sleep with his eyes shut. I took him to the vets late on October 31st who confirmed he had passed away. We never had a chance to say goodbye as he was very healthy and was 18months old. He is going to CPC today 1/11/2011.

Goodnight Nibbles we love you so much and will miss you dearly. You will never be forgotten and you will be in our hearts forever. xxx xxx xxx xxx

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