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I am sorry that you had to move on from this life. You were only three years old. You were the most lively, funny, bossy, guinea pig ever. Right until the last moments. You always kept your chin up and pop corned and moved around, even when your back legs gave in and I took you too the vet. The vet said the kindest thing was to put you out of your misery. I love you so much Sammy. You will always be my little baby boy. The vets are cremating your body today and sending your ashes home to be with me and Dean. Because me and Dean miss you very much, but one day we will see you again. Until that time, I want your spirit to run free in the grass of the otherworld and never be afraid, alone, sad or in pain. I will get another Guinea Pig to keep Dean company, but you will never be replaced in our hearts. Until the time we meet again, we love you forever little boy. You are the best.

Love Mummy, Daddy and Dean

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