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This is a tribute to not just a dog but my soul mate. We met one Sunday at an open day at whythall animal sanctuary. Myself my daughter Chantelll and friend Lauren had gone for a day out, no intention of getting a dog as we already had one. I never realised the impact that day would have on me for the rest of my life.

We were enjoying the fete, and, decided to look around at the dogs that needed re-homing, They were in their kennels and everyone was fussing them, and you could hear all of the oo’s and aha’s at these beautiful dogs and we got to your cage and there was this raging dog acting like a guard dog, running around your kennel jumping at the wire with full force, if anyone dared to look at you. I was spellbound by you, i do not know why, no one in there right mind would have have given you a second thought ( after you had scared them out of their skin). I stood and watched and would not jump away from you like every one else, and i saw a mellowing in you reaction and even though you were barking your tail was waging and i new you were not really agressive just scared.

I spoke to the staff about you and they all said that you had been in there 2 years and was really a big softee, and the first few weeks you were there you sat at the back of your kennel and shivered with fear because you had been ill treated. You soon learnt to make these horrible humans go away was to jump at them and bark and they would walk away and you would not be hurt again . I knew then i wanted to give you a nice life. We visited you twice a week bearing chicken as a bribery to get you to accept us and after 6 weeks you were our girl. We loved and cared for you for 11 years till you passed away on 8th november 2011. Through my life i have owned 13 dogs but there has never been and never will never be another cleo you were and will always be part of me. I love you cleo.

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