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I lost a special friend the kind you can’t replace,
and looking at her empty bed I still can see her face,
i see the endless energy the sparkling puppy eyes,
not the tired,fragile friend I had to bid goodbye.
I know she’s in a special place our lord has for such friends,
where meadows,fields and flowers help make them strong and whole again.
I remember how she’d run to me so glad to see me home and
how her ears would perk right up when she heard me call her name.
but as those precious years went by and we both aged and grew, i’d find her often slowing down but we had still so much to do.
iv’e noticed in the recent times her ears were not as sharp,
my bonnie was a special dog i know she gave her best,
but as i looked deep into her eyes i knew it was time, for her to rest.
it will truely be a struggle i don’t know how i’ll face each day without my beautiful bonnie.
i have to let her go– i know but in my heart she’ll always stay.
i know she’s watching over me she’ll be with me when i cry, so with one more kiss on her beloved head i told my bonnie goodbye.
love and miss you always sleep tight my baby till we meet again. your heart broken mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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