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Fluffy Bunny

August 2016 - September 2018

Dearest Fluffy Bunny,

Ever since the day you were put to sleep, I cried and cried every night and I still do.
Every morning when I wake up I pray with all my heart that all of this was just a huge nightmare but turns out it isn\’t, however I never give up and to this day I still wish, hope, pray for your return. I can\’t bear to remeber all those great times we had, as it is painful. You were such a sweet bunny unlike others, you were sweet, cute, caring, cheeky and most of all loving. You never bit or scratched me ever apart from when you were in upmost pain. I cannot live without you my little Fluff. You have left a massive hole in my heart which would never be mended, no matter how many pets I\’ll have, remember that I will always love you more than I love anything/anyone in the whole universe.

I will forever love and remember you Fluffkins.

from your Sister, who will never ever stop thinking and greiving about you

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