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She looks at me with love in her eyes,
No hatred, no despise;
Just kindness she asks for, a pat, throw a ball;
And in return she’ll give you her all
Make the most, cherish the good times you feel,
It’s far too short with the dog at your heel;

Moo, we’re so so sorry, we miss you like mad baby girl, you saw everything, you put up with all the newcomers and saw them leave, you were a constant. From the day we brought you home you were our special little baby, no other dog could ever compare to you, you always knew instinctively what to do, never a mess, never a moan, always healthy and happy.

We’ll miss you running for the water and never knowing when to stop with your ball, treacle misses you too, you were her best friend and pillow.

Sleep tight little lady, we were so privilaged to have you in our lives, I hope you’ll forgive us for what we had to do, we love you so much xxx

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