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June 2019 - June 2020

They say that having a dog is like having an extra member of the family. They couldn’t be more true. Charlie was and has always been our little piece of home and what’s made our little family complete.

Standing in this house holding just his empty collar and staring at his half bowl of food I have a huge emptiness inside. Seven years he’s been my little shadow following me from room to room and now I’m walking through this house without my companion.

Today is the day I can officially say my heart has been broken. A dog never truly dies so long as they’re alive in your heart and he will always be alive in mine. I’m just gonna miss the little things that come with him. These walls hold many memories and each room is like a reminder of what we’ve been through.

Walking through the front door I could almost hear his excitement as he’d race towards us with teddy in his mouth.
Sitting on the sofa with my dinner and part of me automatically broke off a piece of my food to share with him.

I’m going to miss all the times I’d chill in the garden with him on a hot day, or the times I’d be sitting in the bath and although he was scared of water he’d come lick the suds off my face to check that I’m okay.

The way he would let me know what he wanted just by the flick of his eyes and how he’d point to what he wanted with them.

Charlie’s body got old before he did but he was so graceful even towards the end.

He wasn’t fond of the vets and wanted to leave the room before we got in but as soon as he realised what was going on a great sense of calm came over him and he sat there and let the vet give him his injection. He didn’t move or flinch and his eyes never left mine the entire time, it was like he was telling me that he was ready to go and that he forgives me. It took four seconds for the medicine to work and for his heart to stop beating. He died in mine and matts arms with teddy tucked under his paw.

I’ll never forget those beady eyes ever. I just cuddled him until it was time for us to go. Possibly the worst day of my life.

I can still hear him in my head. I still see him in every corner of every room.

He was more than just a dog, he was my oldest most bestest friend. I bought him years ago from an abusive owner for £30 when I needed a reason to live. He saved me just as much as I saved him!

Driving home we saw him in the clouds. Telling us he is okay now and he’s with his friends up in heaven. I hope he’s waiting for me when my time comes 🐕🌈

Charlie I love you so so much!

(Pardon me boy, is that a Charlie Charlie choo choo)

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