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On the 7th January 2000 we chose our little westie puppy and named her Millie as it was millennium year. She was introduced to Penny our Jack Russell and soon learned many of Penny’s clever ways. Penny left us in march 2009 18 years old, and Millie became our centre of attention. Millie had her own place on the right arm of the sofa to watch the tele and she knew what animal adverts she enjoyed. Millie was always around wherever we were, the house is now so empty without her presence. Millie’s unconditional love for us had no boundaries if she was told off or corrected she would always respond with a kiss when asked, I love you Millie and miss you so much that the pain of losing you is still hurting. You were such a large part of my life and your memories will never be forgotten by us they will live on forever in our hearts. We miss your sitting by the fridge while waiting for your meals, we miss the sound of your feet on the floors, and we miss your welcome at the front door. Oh Millie we miss you so much! You had such a big part in our lives. We were privileged to share our lives together with you from 7th January 2000 – 2nd July 2012.     30th Aug 2012 the memories of my sweet Millie are still fresh in my mind how I miss you my baby girl, my companion, the adjustments that are made to come to the acceptance of loss of a loved companion, the strange feeling of walking the paths we used to walk together now become a road of recalling memories of our togetherness. I love you Millie and still miss you so much.

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