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A star in the night skies is like a sparkle from your almond eyes.

I look up to the clouds in the sky, where doggy heaven is nearby.

You made a nest as you went to sleep, where you can rest until we meet.

You can play in heaven if you want to, like years ago the way we used to.

As soul mates we have our bond, my memories of you are fond.

George was a nick name for you, and ‘Stumps’ for short too.

I seen where your token ashes are kept, I placed a toy there for you my special pet.

It’s not you that is there, the essence of you is your spirit in the air.

You are always in my heart too, hope in heaven there is a happy you.

I keep the faith that this true, it eases the pain of when I said good night to you.

I look at that special picture of me and you, every day and night time too.

Wherever I go and whatever I do, every day and every night I always think of you.

Until I get to heaven whenever I do, I hope you give me signs that I know are you.

I have to continue living as life goes on, you will always be my special one.

Lots of love to you then, I know we’ll meet again.

Daddy xx

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