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Mummy’s little boy, where do I begin. I never got to say goodbye for it was all to sudden. I Loved you so much, you was the sunshine of my life. Mummy will be there soon to kiss you goodnight,I know CPC are taking good care of you. Your paws are etched on my heart, i will never forget you my little boy, you was my life. I’ve never felt pain until the day you closed your eyes, I hope we gave you 4 years of fun, love and laughter,Iknow you brought us happiness in so many ways, from your kisses, to your barks to the sucking of our quilt. Nothing seems the same now your not around. Promise mummy that when her turn comes your be waiting at that gate for me, until that day comes Rest in peace, My beautiful Boy. Gooight godbless, your heartbroken Mummy.

CPC provide pet owners with a dignified pet cremation service and a range of pet memorials to create lasting tributes.