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Lara 'banana'

December 2009 - July 2019

Not a second goes by where I dont miss you, sitting remembering all the fun times we had together. We would play ball for hours and hours and you would never grow tired of it. Every walk we went on, if we was close to water you would jump in and run up and down the stream soaking me in the process. I would often hide behind trees and you would run backwards and forwards desperate to find me! I miss those days and wish we could have them all over again. I’m sorry I took you for granted sometimes, you never expect to lose your best friend. I hope you are having plenty of fun over rainbow bridge and waiting for us to be reunited. That is how I get through each day knowing its 1 day closer until we are reunited. Will see you soon where we can have all our fun times together again but until then be a good girl like you always were xxxx

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