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Our boy .. Ur beautiful 
I have the pictures to show
U are so loved .. And yes u  most definitely know …

Ur never forgotten in our minds that’s for sure ..
And yes u are truley so soo adored …!!!

Ur up in the heavens ..
Looking down on ur mum..
I Know u give thanx 
Coz thats where u belonged..

I know ur at peace.. In Tranquility u go on..
Guiding us alll.. With ur wisdom and love..

Never a day goes by ..
When ur not on our minds..
But u give us the strength ..
To go on and find life … 

So rest in the heavens 
Looking down on us all,
Keep us safe and secure
Snuggled amongst ur paws …

For we will meet 
One day that’s for sure 
With u and our loved ones
And arms opened wide..
To guide us baby 
With u by our side …x

CPC provide pet owners with a dignified pet cremation service and a range of pet memorials to create lasting tributes.