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July 2013 - September 2019

I can’t believe you have gone. One minute you were here full of life, happy and healthy, then sadly you became very ill and it wasn’t fair to keep you going on suffering, just for us. We don’t know what happened and why you had such a rough time with your health but we do know you were a warrior and the bravest little dog we know. We are very proud of you.

You were part of our family. You came as Sarah’s baby and came bounding into our lives full of energy, mischievousness and fun. You made us laugh with your funny antics and your stubbornness which was your strong character. It was just who Ruby was and always will be. We wouldn’t have changed you for anything.
You tolerated being carted about and just loved being in our company. You loved your people with all your being, as much as we loved you, you asked for very little in return.

You loved playing and had special toys you preferred. Like your baby and Mrs Rudolph. Your best day ever was coming back to your forever home with Mumaw and Grandma and second-best day was meeting new friends at the pug meet up. That day for you was simply amazing. You ran around full of energy and joy. We were so lucky to have found you and every day for us was special. We appreciated having you and if we didn’t show it always, we are sorry because it is the truth. We will miss your Ruby hair on everything and everywhere. We will miss sharing our meals with you when your big brown beautiful eyes made us feel guilty, so we had to feed you extra. We will miss your little velvet ears, and being sneezed on, but most of all we will miss your presence. Thank you, little dog, for bringing so much joy and love into our lives but especially for making Sarah complete. The bond between animal and person is unbreakable, even in death.
It will be very hard and very painful for us not having you by our sides and I hope you are near us, because that is where you belong. Our hearts are full of pain, but the lovely memories will one day make us smile again. You are hopefully just a sniff away in your spirit realm, but we will all meet again one day, so don’t be afraid little dog. Sit tight and wait. Have fun, run with healthy legs once more, your health issues are no longer there, and you are now free from pain.

So until we meet again Ruby, our little puppy, boo boo, Rube Rubes, Mrs Rubinsky and boss dog, you will forever be in our hearts because the love remains, so be strong and patient little dog, as we will see you again one day. Goodbye Ruby Tuesday……

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