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There will always be a bright star shining in the sky..and thats you Mischief! You will be Watching over all of us, and Im sure running free, and doing all the things you always wanted to do, but couldnt.

Now your free to go where you like!

You were and are my best friend, my soul mate, and baby! I was so proud to be your Mummy. When I went to Canada, back in 2005, I never dreamed that I would find the love of my life there..YOU! You captured my heart from the first glance and brought so much joy, laughter, and happiness, and pure love into my life. 

It was just you and me, and the hours we spent together, were priceless, you were so intellligent, I could teach you to do anything, and you always knew if I needed a paw, head butt, or meow. Watching you grow from a gorgeous kitten into the beautiful cat you became…I was so proud of you, and you were and remain my pride and joy! 

When we brought you from Canada, I was a nervous wreck on the plane, wondering how my baby was doing, but you took it all in your stride..with you having asthma..I was terrrified you wouldnt be ok..but ok you were and you took to Englands climate like a duck to water! 

You loved bags, boxes, christmas time, halloween, in fact you were there always in the front, being a part of everything, you were the CHEEVE..the FUR! Everybody loved you, and they all have a story to tell about you, so you will live on..The Legendry Mischief! 

Im so sorry that we only had 6yrs together, but Im blessed that we had that time..I will spend the rest of my life, waiting to be reunited with you! Part of me has died with you…although I know you are not gone, but just a whisper away. Midnight your baby sis, well you were the boss, but she will miss you so much, as it was always the two of you. My 2 Familiars! 

You were taken too soon, and Im sorry we could not find out in time, what was wrong to get you the help you needed, and that Mummy had to make the decision to end your fear, and pain. I will never forgive myself, but hope that you will understand that my love and concern for you, was always the most paramount thing in my life!

You gave me the reason to go on, so many times when I wanted to just give up..one meow from you, one head brush, or sitting on me purring, and I knew I had to be there for you and Midnight.

Its so empty without you, and I dont know what Im going to do without my little pal, who slept and stayed by my side, seeing me through some of the toughest times of my life..you may have been a Cat by birth, but you were a Warrior among Champions!

So my beautiful baby, my little Canadian Redneck…thank you for letting me be your mummy, and for allowing me your trust..as you trusted no other as you trusted me. I hope you will come and visit me soon, and return to me, one way or another! 

Midnight, needs to know her big sister is still around, and Henry still needs to be kept in line by you..I remember you’re absolute look of disgust as we brought a “DOG” home…but he loved you and you tolerated him. Midnight who is so timid, will need you to help her to be strong, and brave, so please guide her. 

Nanny, who was with you when you passed, sends you all her love, and forgives you for taking a chunk out of her hand a few years ago. Daddy Julian, is lost without his “Charlie says”, so you will have to come back as he misses his cuddles..and his little pal to talk to. 

You loved your “Treats” the dairy ones from Canada, the irony being is we just brought you a whole load of them..everywhere I go, Im reminded of you, and everybody knows your name, your stories, and YOU! 

I love you more then words can say, and will miss you with every beat of my heart and every fibre of my body…the pain is so great in my heart, I dont think it will ever heal! 

Mischief, you were a wonderful cat, best friend, soul mate, companion, and entertainer!! Your name will go down in history…so you are not gone, but still with us, and always will be! 

God bless you Baby Cheeve…My Beautiful Cat..may god protect you and keep you safe…and until we are reunited..I will be waiting to be with you once more.

Im not going to say goodbye..as that means you have gone for good, when I know your a whisker away….Missing your purrs, your talking, and even your moans..but most of all Im missing you. I will look for your pink mouse…and will treasure it, if I find it..but your spider will always be by my side…as it keeps part of you with me. I will always miss finding the little toy gifts when I come home, that you left for me…and the BIG meow as if to say, well look what I went and got for you! 

I love you Mischief..with all my heart

Mummy xxx

Ps Midnight and Henry send a paw and a lick.

And All the family, want you to know they love you and will miss you terribly. xxx xxx


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